Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rock The Vote!

WANTED: new blood, new ideas, new enthusiasm, new stakeholders… new candidates to run for the Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council!

This is a flat out appeal to you the local reader to be that brave and daring soul who steps out of the crowd and starts a new era. There is just too much old business, old relationships, old favors, old debts, old news, old controversies, and old alliances… in the Sunland Tujunga governing process. Let those who are feathering their political nest move on to a higher power and let other Sunland Tujungans, dedicated, hardworking, determined stakeholders do the job now.

Be that person who starts a whole new way of thinking, a new process of responding, implements a new community government and represents the majority not the minority of Sunland Tujunga (there are 65,000 residents here, not 500 friends on Facebook!) Don’t discuss it over the dinner table… discuss it over the podium. Stand up, stand out, be a leader for our people!

Do you care what happens to our twin towns? Do something about it! Do you have a better idea(s) and want more for our community? Do something about it! Do you have a desire to improve situations, correct wrongs, respond to the stakeholders’ needs and desires? Do something about it! Don’t think you “can’t, wouldn’t know where to begin, might loose, might win” because there is a whole process to help you every step of the way. Pick up your application and START HERE:

Then call for others: quiet (or not) men and women, residents, neighbors, trades people, business owners, teachers, working people, unemployed people, parents, grandparents, and stakeholders to help you, they are out there. They are your new supporters and there are more than you imagine. All it takes is that first step…

Please accept this invitation. Your future is ours.

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