Saturday, August 11, 2012

BOYCOTT The Foothills Paper

Doc DeMulle persuades an unwitting GoodWill employee to
display the latest Foothills Paper with a headline falsely
accusing a community member of murder!
BOYCOTT The Foothills Paper!

This is a call to arms for all the citizens, stakeholders, and visitors of Sunland Tujunga to blot out the existence once and for all of the Foothills Paper, the warped and illegitimately labeled “newspaper of record” for Sunland Tujunga. This publication by Doc DeMulle is a travesty of the term, ‘journalism’.

Never in the history of journalism has a publication been more deserving of such an action. Public outcry is not enough as David “Doc” DeMulle, the publisher/writer/owner of The Foothills Paper is perversely motivated by shock, hurt, despair, and deliberate personal injury his articles, editorials, cartoons, and posts cause citizens of Sunland Tujunga. The man is certainly capable of genuine journalism but uses his newspaper as a weapon. Not capable however of rapier wit, Doc bludgeons citizens with slanderous and libelous words of print. Doc DeMulle “lies, cheats, and steals”, to craft articles without a shred of truth in them. Lies are the mainstay of his ‘informational’ style. No Associated Press credentials can be extended to the author of deliberate ‘yellow journalism’.

If readers are all this man writes for, he has them. So stop reading his words! Let them dry up and blow away like desiccated weeds. Think of his words as the virus you never want yourself or anyone you care for to be contaminated by. 

Stop reading Doc DeMulle’s wretched Foothills Paper! Stop allowing this abomination to be representative of our community! Stop allowing legitimate counter space for this miscarriage of the written word! Stop advertising in this embarrassing publication! Stop reading his on-line version and his Facebook version of the Foothills Paper. Stop allowing it to be distributed in legitimate locations such as the Sunland Tujunga Neighborhood Council meetings, the Sunland Tujunga library and the Los Angeles City Council office!

Doc DeMulle does not care who he hurts, how he destroys lives and relationships; Doc thrives on discord and takes personal pride in his deliberate destruction of Sunland Tujunga with his utterly false words, outright lies, and carefully crafted layers of deceitful articles that NEVER add anything of value to the community but are aimed at the heart of our community with every intention to kill it. Doc is murderous in his desire to hurt Sunland Tujunga.

Doc writes false headlines accusing innocent citizens of murder. Doc falsely accuses neighborhood council members of lying, cheating and stealing. Doc fabricates stories and prints them without a shred of proof. Doc DeMulle makes parody of religion, light of death, and feels utterly no shame at personal injury aimed like bullets of print at anyone who confronts him.

Doc DeMulle is a common journalistic criminal. His crime is in print and bears witness against him. Find him guilty and sentence him to silence. Silence his words by not reading them: he will have only himself to listen too and that will be justice.

An example of Doc's manipulation of the printed word to insert lies in the text of another...

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joe barrett said...

Good for you Terre! I support your efforts 100%, let me know if you need my help!