Monday, July 30, 2012

The 'Doc' Debate

I'm sort of stuck between the Rock and a hard place... Remember that original controversy that landed me in hot water in this community two years ago? Well I do, because today I changed my mind. And my stand and my opinion. Wow. I did not even know I was going to do it till the words were out of my mouth and were the exact opposite of the view I held two years ago...

At that time I challenged the campaign to boycott advertisers in The Foothills Paper, a local publication almost entirely dedicated as the mouthpiece of publisher Doc DeMulle. I felt it was unfair to target the advertisers in order to force them to pull their ads from The Foothills Paper and cause it to fold by drying it up financially. I contacted the advertisers and supported their decision. I still feel the Paper (not the advertisers) should be boycotted if readers find it objectionable. Nearly all do. But everyone still reads it! Oh well. I moved on...

Recently my new employer wanted to advertise in our community and proudly told me she had found the 'community newspaper': The Foothills Paper and was about to call them for ad space. Oh Noooooo!!! I set her straight. "Nothing good can ever come of having your ad or your name in The Foothills Paper!" I declared. Don't do it! As I recounted some of the offensive statements that went to press in The Foothills Paper my friend paled. "Does he just make these remarks in the editorial section?" she asked. "No" I replied, they are throughout the whole paper, like legitimate news." She decided not to advertise in The Foothills Paper.

When I told this story to a friend tonight I said "I just don't want anyone or anything I care about to advertise in The Foothills Paper..." Then I realized, "wow, I just declared support for the drive against advertisers in The Paper!"

It's easy to champion a cause when its not your own. It's different when it becomes personal. Maybe all journalists should experience a reality check from time to time? And maybe you should think who you are likely to offend Doc, with your un-newsworthy newspaper.

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