Saturday, August 6, 2011

What?! It's Obvious Governor Brown: AB 312 Needs Your Signature!

Not acceptable; I just received an email from Scott Lay who is Assemblymember Lowenthal's aide, that Governor Brown has failed to sign AB 312. What a dodgey thing to do; sidestepping the issue... why? Because the homeless (who have no address for voter registration) can't vote?

Lay has assured me AB 312 the Assembly Bill to protect the civil rights of Californias homeless from 'hate crimes' "will pass with or without Brown's signature" but I expect my elected representative to take a strong stand on the issues that concern me... and 157,000 others (the number of homeless in California).

I will keep you apprised of AB 312's progress. You can contact Assemblymember Lowenthal (who authored this Bill) to express your interest and concern at

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Brock Ba'jer said...

Hmmm it isn't good: Governor Brown has vetoed this bill. Lets hope it is for amendments and has gone back to the Assembly for that reason... I am especially interested in alternate views from my own regarding AB 312 of which I have heard some very good ones. Please post them here or if lengthy: email me to be a guest writer...