Saturday, August 27, 2011

No Place For Hate

Five years old; Floralita Street in Sunland
A funny thing happened on the way to being someone I thought I should be, I became myself and wasn't displeased with the result.

I've been writing what I think everyone will read; but what drew you here was what I wrote before I worried about pleasing everyone. I started out as an activist and that suits me. Now I get to be who I really am... hell, why make this blog if not to write what I please? The key is: I am the writer of those things others read and sometimes say they don't. I don't care about that, what matters to me is that I am true to my self. I write because I have something to say. It's icing on the cake if you read it, but I'll write it either way.

Let me say right now: The Foothills Forum is disturbing and disturbed. Remember those evil old people with no life who ratted you out to parents; put concrete bumps on the sidewalk because your skates were too noisy; and spyed on you and your boyfriend when your parents weren't home so they could tattle-tale, but you knew they really got off on looking in your windows?! Those people are writing on the Foothills Forum. They label, accuse, convict, and condemn. They attack the homeless mercilessly. They call people vile names and accuse them of prostitution, drug use, and perversions without a shred of evidence.

Oh I know they'll get what they deserve which is the same hate they dish out. I promise. I've alerted authorities beyond our little police department to the vigilante justice one imbecile (pictured with his catch of the day) rallied everyone to join him in: driving the homeless out of town by citizen task force (emphasis on force, Kelly Thomas advocates, take note); or the spying and sneaking and peeking Frankenstein is fond of, and then theres the Sunset guy: creator of 27 different kinds of trouble and solution to none. Thank god I'm "banned for life" I might've tried to find a happy medium among these idiots.

The Foothills Forum allows hate speech and advocates pugilistic verbiage from those Mike Wilken the owner and creator has little control of, but dearly loves to egg on for more hits to his site. When someone gets hurt, and they will, blame Mike. He has no love for his FF members; he has emailed me they are all "bat-shit crazy" yet they dance to his tune and kowtow for his favor, less they be suspended for a week and suffer withdrawals.

You know how you discover a truth sometimes and wish you hadn't but it just won't go away? This is a truth, there is something seriously wrong with the hate advocated on the Foothills Forum. So where does this leave us (or me)? At the beginning... it's a long road to right the wrongs. I hope I'll glance to the side while I'm on it to see I'm not alone.

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nobodyslaw said...

My comments (on the aforementioned forum) are the exception to the rule kind miss, I feel I must point out, as I refuse to be drawn into recrimination and accusation when we all should be a team against the damn city crummy protection of our health and lives for the almighty dollar and growth at all costs, so what if it's a cancer!

Brock Ba'jer said...

Thank you for your bravery nobodyslaw; your comments on Foothills Forum in favor of reason and understanding are noble but I fear those people who routinely post there advocating 'hate' are unreachable. They have formed a mob rule mentality and that is dangerous. They have already acted on posts commanding them to and it will take more than words of reason to stop them now. Your post shines however in the darkness there...