Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An editorial of sorts...

As compelling as it is, I’m setting aside the issue of the whole overgrown idea that is the Foothill Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan (FBCSP). It is becoming unwieldy and is taking on the shape and incredulousness of that damn mammoth zucchini no one wants in the back yard.

What with the infamous proposal and the weird cast of characters on both sides (some with rage issues); the twists and turns and secrets galore; the query ‘to open or not to open’ the FBCSP; and whether residents or businesses get to be on top; it was hard to know where to begin and end. I will report the ‘leaks’ promised to come my way, but I will leave it to others to analyze them.

I feel those already well versed in the telling of events should continue on that topic while I take on a subject much nearer and dearer to my heart. You will find the very best background information on the FBCSP on Joseph Mailander’s site Street Hassle http://street-hassle.blogspot.com/

Meanwhile, I will report on the homeless in our community and what they face daily just to survive. Their story resonates with me and yields more promise and less dementia if only because they give real perspective to our community’s regard (or not) for others on a basic level.

Oh there’s still controversy if that’s what you crave, and drama, and a colorful cast of characters… but there is genuine life and death decisions made and more at stake than you know. It will be a worthy read. I promise.

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