Thursday, September 8, 2011

Following the progress of AB 183; the Fresh & Easy Bill

According to Scott Lay whose excellent website follows all the Senate Bills and Assembly Bills progress and reports to your email on them...

AB183 Alcoholic beverage licenses: self-service checkouts:
Sept 6 Actions:
*Read third time. Refused passage. (Ayes 17. Noes 16.) End location: Senate Desk.
*Motion to reconsider made by Senator Kehoe. End location: Senate Desk.
*Reconsideration granted. (Ayes 40. Noes 0.) End location: Senate Desk
The votes:
*Senate Floor: Assembly 3rd Reading AB183 Ma by Kehoe 17-16 (Fail)
*Senate Floor: Assembly 3rd Reading AB183 Ma by Kehoe Reconsider 40-0 (PASS)
(failed by 1; motion to reconsider passed unanimous, in the Senate for reconsideration...)

According to Scott "It's the final stretch, with the legislative session scheduled to end Friday. Lots of people are asking about the bill process in this final stretch." For more information and to sign up for Scott's reports on Bills you are watching, go to his website.

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