Thursday, March 8, 2012

A knotty opinion

By now most of you know my views better than I do! That’s the downside of voicing an opinion publicly: a writer can't change their stand without an outcry of response from those who feel betrayed and those who feel vindicated by a writers ‘new’ ideal. What ever happened to yielding to a good argument from the other side? Hasn’t anyone ever enjoyed a good debate? C’mon, we certainly have read both sides of all issues if only to criticize the other’s view. Well sometimes that view begins to make sense. Attend this Monday night’s Sunland Tujunga community meetings (advertised ad infinitum on the other community sites) to hear all sides of the issues for yourself. What have you got to loose except that opinion you’re no longer sure of…

What side are you on?

Thought for the day: taking sides is a one dimensional view along a single line; Community participation is much more varied, multi-layered and complex than that. In my opinion.

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